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As one of the required exams in the Microsoft MCSE certification
program, the exam for Networking Essentials challenges your knowledge
of computer networking components, theory, and implementation.
This chapter is generic in the sense that it is not specific to any
one software or hardware vendor; instead, it introduces you to some
of the basic and rudimentary terms and concepts used when discussing
networking. Real-world examples are provided whenever
possible. Study this chapter carefully; you will use these terms and
concepts throughout the rest of this book and in the real world, no
matter which networking model or system is being discussed.
Although most of this chapter’s examples are given in terms of
Microsoft solutions, all other successful networking models must
accomplish these same tasks.
This chapter begins with a definition of networking. It then moves
on to cover three different computing models used by various systems
throughout the world. The discussion next turns to the two
main types of network models and then covers how networks are
classified based on various factors. The chapter goes on to describe
the various services that a network can offer.
In general, this chapter helps the reader understand some of the
broad classifications into which networks can fall. An appropriate
analogy might be motor vehicle classification—you should think in
terms of car, truck, or bus instead of a detailed description such as a
1969 Ford Mustang or a 1998 Honda Accord.
The integration of network services within personal desktop operating
systems and the public emergence of the worldwide network,
also known as the Internet, have generated incredible momentum in
the movement to get connected. Networks have become the primary
means of disseminating information in most modern offices and
even in some homes.


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